British Silver Hallmarks – Amateur Detective Part 1

Now it is time to put our knowledge to good use. Do you still remember the basics? Let us have a look at our beautiful item. 11 22

It is an exquisite silver cigarette case. Not only smokers will appreciate the fine flower pattern and elegance that you can almost touch.

But, when was it made? Where? Which silversmith was so talented? Thanks to our introduction of British hallmarks, we know how to answer those questions. Firstly, we need to look at the bottom to search for symbols.

33 In order to discover the truth behind this beauty, we will follow our simple 5-step process. Step One

To confirm we are looking at genuine British silver we need to identify standard mark. Is it there? Right in the middle, we can see the lion mark. Now we know for sure our cigarette case is made according to 925/1000 sterling silver standard.

Step Two

Silversmiths can be found in every city. To identify the Assay Office that certified and guaranteed the quality of the silver we need to ass...

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