France (1920) – A Tall Red Yellow Galle Vase With Tulip Flower


A tall Red-Yellow glass Vase, with large vibrant red tulip flowers thriving in beauty embedded on the glass, narrow at the bottom and gradually gets wider to the top. “Tulip are fragile emotional flower, descending on the rain and ravishing in sunshine” adding sparkles to any table surface the vase is put on made by Galle in France 1920. 
Height 41 cm 
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Art Nouveau Glass maker Emile Galle
Born in Nancy, France, in 1846 Emile Galle was a leading initiator of the Art Nouveau style and the modern renaissance of French glass art. Emile Galle has developed a special technique of making decorative vases made of laminated glass, which came to be called by his name “Galle”. Galle – a unique personality, extremely talented and educated man, who gave his name to a direction in the development of arts and crafts. Emile Galle was both scientist and botanist, chemist, writer, artist and philosopher. In the mid-seventies of the XIX century Emile Galle led the family company of parents, producing mirrors, glass and ceramics. World fame came to Emile Galle for his famous style of unmatched vases. Galle Glass for over one and a half centuries, enjoys extraordinary popularity not only among art connoisseurs, but also lovers of fine interiors and comfort.
The rapid development of glass art in the second half of the XIX century, all closely linked to the spread of Art Nouveau in Europe and the United States. Art Nouveau style in 1900 in France, Belgium and the United States, Jugendstil in Germany, secession in Austria and “Art Nouveau” in Russia advocated the revival of traditional crafts raising it to a high level of “art.”
Glass factory and workshop of Emile Galle functioned until 1931. Today the name of the artist has become synonymous with the whole cultural and artistic concept of “glass of Emile Galle.”

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